Bolton Woman Wanted For £500k Fraud – In UK After Fleeing To Greece?

Bolton Woman Wanted For £500k Fraud – In UK After Fleeing To Greece?

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Bolton Woman Wanted For £500k Fraud Found In Merseyside After Living In Greece?

A Bolton woman who is wanted for a £500.000 benefit and insurance scam which helped her flee the country to live in Greece has been found working back in the United Kingdom at a care home in North West seaside town of Southport.

Susan Gallagher and her husband David are back in Britain having lived abroad to escape prosecution after staging a car crash in 2006 which almost left David dead before they made fraudulent insurance and DWP claims as well as selling the contents of a rented home which they did not own.

The couple had become suspicious of an investigation after David was recorded working on a house just a few weeks after his crash by an insurance fraud team.

Insurance investigators notified them they would be reported to the DWP after he was receiving benefits for health implications including epilepsy.

The pair had become even more desperate to escape justice after a family member who was the driver of the car which hit Mr. Gallagher’s vehicle threatened to reveal the true plot to authorities.

It is thought Mr Gallagher’s injuries were inflicted after a scheme to stage a crash with his cousin, 17 at the time, who is thought to be the other driver in an insurance and compensation payout scam.

On the night of the accident, David Gallagher had been watching a Bolton Wanderers match against Liverpool with friends in the Uncle Tom’s Cabin pub in Daubhill, on Sunday, October 1, 2006.

When the hoaxed crash took place things went almost fatally wrong for Mr. Gallagher who ended up in intensive care for three weeks with swelling on the brain before doctors could operate on his shattered pelvis.

Speaking about the incident to The Bolton News in 2006 Susan said: “I just started screaming because I couldn’t believe it,”

She said. “He had only called me 10 minutes earlier to say he was on his way home.”

When talking about her husband’s health she added: “He is in and out of consciousness.

“He knows me sometimes but other times he doesn’t.”

“The doctors say they don’t know how bad the damage is yet.”

David and Mrs Gallagher, also known as Susan Bentham, as well as other alias, are thought to of fled to Greece in fear of such allegations being brought to light.

After the insurance company investigators refused to payout to the couple, they then left the country and claimed DWP benefits for David Gallagher’s injuries whilst living in Greece in a multi-pronged fraud which is believed to total around half a million pounds.

They were both claiming ELA prior to leaving the UK.

Susan is believed to be working in the care industry again in Merseyside at a residential home called Parklands Lodge, Park Road, Southport.

One year after a crash in 2006 which left her husband fighting for his life, Susan Gallagher worked at A1 Village Carein Farnworth Lancashire in 2007.

They married in 2008 and spoke to The Bolton News in another article Wedding Bells For Man Injured In Car Accident.

Mr Gallagher, who lived in Monton Street, Great Lever, at the time, said: “I’m so happy we’re finally getting married.

“It’s been such a long time coming.”

It is thought the couple had not been residents in the United Kingdom for around four to five years.

Mr Gallagher’s Facebook profile still shows him as living in Corfu, Kerkira, Greece.

Other posts in 2012 show Dave wishing his friends in Corfu and the UK a happy new year on December, 31, 2012, he also says he hopes to see them all in 2013.

Susan’s Facebook profile shows her added to groups which suggest she was actively looking for work in the north west  such as Jobs offered in Southport, Jobs and opportunities around Southport, and Job vacancies Southport.

Mrs. Gallagher is also a member of various selling pages in the Merseyside area called Southport sell your clutter, as well as pages in Bolton, Blackburn, Corfu and mainland Greece.

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