BREAKING: Comet Ping Pong Alley Murals, Footage DECODED LIVE | @EnterThe5t4rz

BREAKING: Comet Ping Pong Alley Murals, Footage DECODED LIVE

Here is the woman who painted the murals:…
It is at 5001 Connecticut Ave, on the south end of the Comet strip mall near the gas station, not directly behind Comet Ping Pong.
It appears to me that the murals, painted in 2009 at the beginning of the Obama administration, were a result of this woman’s claims that her husband died because she did not have access to medical records. Soon after this, laws were passed in Washington to require all physicians to comply with medical records in their practice by a certain year. In 2017, nearly 80% of doctors have switched to medical records under the pressure of these laws. Was this a psyop? I can tell you this. A Pan Goat, the Hermes (father of PAN) Caduceus held by a child in her mural is no accident! No doubt, we see now that EMRs are a easy way for the government to view your personal medical information without having to request hard copies from the doctor! This wiill be used to take your guns by rendering you unfit to own one because of your medical history, which the government now has at the touch of a button.
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